Welcome to STEAM Lab!

Kindergarten Students using iPads

Beginning this year, Perry Elementary students will be visiting the new STEAM Lab once every three school days for about 50 minutes. They will be given opportunities and challenges to develop skills in communication and problem solving to create products of innovation and learning.

So…What is STEAM Lab? Watch this slideshow to get a better understanding of what our students will be experiencing in STEAM Lab this year: tinyurl.com/WhatIsSTEAMLab

We will be sharing our learning products and reflections. Parents, please provide your email address here during the month of September, 2017 so that we may share these precious moments with you. After September, please contact Mr. Bentley directly.

During the first days of school, I am regularly met with returning hugs and introductions to new faces each bringing desire to belong and be inspired by opportunities of empowerment and validation.

During the first weeks of school, students are introduced to procedures and routines to create safe and effective learning spaces. Our school staff takes time and care to diagnose students’ prior knowledge and skills so as to choose appropriate learning activities for every student. Teachers and group leaders identify student needs and interests to create and establish norms and expectations.

In the months to come, students will utilize the available technology and resources to discover opportunities of growth and development thereby inspiring and empowering them to explore their world.

Feel free to contact Mr. Bentley at bentleye@perry.k12.mi.us